Autopro's 25th Anniversary

Looking Back Over 25 Years

Over the past 25 years, Autopro has grown from a single location in Grande Prairie, Alberta with just a handful of staff, to multiple locations across Western Canada, and more than 200 staff. Geographic expansion throughout Western Canada, and industry expansion from a focus on Pulp and Paper to include Oil & Gas, Water / Wastewater, Mining & Mineral Processing, and Chemicals have helped to establish Autopro as an industry leader. 

With a wide variety of engineering services and solutions offered, thousands of successful projects, and clients spanning many industries, we are pleased to celebrate 25 years as an industry leading organization.

The Early Years

Mike Lane, CEO, and Bob Beattie, Vice President Risk Management, reflect on the early years of starting and growing the company.


Growth Years and Looking Ahead

Mike and Bob discuss the challenges and successes during the growth and expansion of the company, and look at what the future holds.