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Keys to a Successful Control System Migration (video)

January 28, 2016


Chances are, if you are migrating your control system, it is because something about your current system necessitates an upgrade, whether it is lack of spare parts, obsolescence, or some other reason.

There are a few things you should do to ensure your migration project is successful, and to add additional value to the overall project.

In this video, Tom Grusendorf, a DCS Specialist with Autopro, discusses three strategies that can help ensure your control system migration project is a success.


Strategy #1  - Understanding Your Current Control Systems and Migration Options

It is imperative that you have a solid understanding of your current and future control systems, and any nuances or idiosyncrasies that may make your migration unsuccessful.

Factors to consider could be the input or output channels, the function box and the ways things function within your existing control system.

Strategy #2 - Ensure System Documentation is Up-To-Date

As plants are operating, documentation is often not kept up to date, especially control narratives and shutdown keys. During the migration process, the opportunity will likely present itself to bring all documents up to date.

Strategy #3 - Look for Value Add Opportunities such as Enhancing Graphics or Completing an Alarm Rationalization

It is a likely outcome that you are not replacing your control systems because you want to, there is something in your legacy control systems that has precipitated the migration process.

Some of the things you could do during the system migration process include enhancing your operator graphics to optimize usefulness and completing an alarm rationalization with thoughts to implement the results.