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How to Manage and Minimize Scope Creep on Projects (video)

March 28, 2016


Often when a project doesn't go as planned, it because of scope creep, or on-going changes and modifications to a project's scope without having proper control measures in place.

In this video, James Couto, a Project Manager and Senior Engineer with Autopro, discusses ways to manage and minimize scope creep on your projects.


Strategy #1 - Work with Stakeholders Early on to Develop and Clear Project Scope

The discussion between the project team and stakeholders on what your project will and will not include should occur early in the process. This will allow clear communication between all involved on the project what is not in the purview of an assigned project.

Strategy #2 -  Ensure Rigorous Management of Change Process During Project

Changes of a project can occur both internally and externally, so it is important to have strong guidelines and justification process in the event a change does occur during the project lifecycle.  For example, if the processes you currently have in place are safe and are working, it becomes increasingly difficult to justify change of scope.