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Four Key Reasons to Consider an Industrial Facility Modernization [video]

August 16, 2018


In this video, Gerald Friesen, Operations and Senior Project Manager, discusses the four key reasons why companies should consider industrial facility modernizations.

1. Reliability - Everything in life starts out new, and ends up "old". Device and component failures are inevitable as systems age, and often can lead to costly unplanned outages.

2. Supportability - Systems have likely moved onto new versions of themselves, and vendor support for older systems can become scarce as technical resources retrain or retire.

3. New Technology - Technological advancements are happening at a far more rapid pace than we have seen in the past. Updating control system technology gives the ability to connect to IoT devices, up-to-date virus protection, and other major advances.

4. Obsolescence - The end-of-life point for systems is inevitable. Being aware of timelines and planning ahead for modernization is critical.