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Impacts to the CEC - What You Need to Know Q&A

October 02, 2018


Our recent webinar, Impacts to the CEC, resulted in some excellent questions being asked by participants. Here are a few that we thought would be especially informative for many of you.

Is CEC 2018 already published and available online now?

Yes it is.

Does the Electrical Authority in Alberta plan on releasing a Standata clarifying their stance on 61508 and 61511?

To my knowledge, no. When we have spoken with the Alberta inspectors, we were explaining to them what the standard was and what the requirements would be. As far as they were concerned, CSA has included it into Appendix A and therefore Appendix A will be rolled out with the February 1, 2019 change date.

*Sam noted this as an action item to follow up on and we will provide you any further answers he receives.


What if we elect not to have SILs/SIFs (only BPCS and Operator alarms with procedures). Do we still need an IEC program and compliance with CEC?

Technically, the answer is yes. However, remember that most of the elements you are doing upfront can be measured against an IEC requirement. So as was stated in the webinar, your project execution plan may already have all of the those required aspects and we could relate and map those to the IEC standard.
If there are no gaps, and you chose the route to go without a SIF/SIL then you would largely already be compliant. SIF’s are only required if you can’t close the gap.

Do you have other questions about how to determine if your existing projects meet IEC compliance? Feel free to bnou%60bur%21tr%21gns%21lnsd%21hognsl%60uhno