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IEC 61511 - Where Are We Now Q&A

February 28, 2019


Our recent webinar, IEC 61511 - Where Are We Now?, resulted in some excellent questions being asked by participants. Here are a few that we thought would be especially informative for many of you.

It was noted that not all projects require an SIS. When would 61511 apply and when would it not?

The IEC 61511 would apply in all SIS cases, it's more-so what elements would apply. The best response to these changes would be to run a HAZOP or a SIL assessment.  

Have you approached the provincial regulator (Safety Codes Council, Electrical Subcommittee specifically)?

No I have not approached this specific committee, but we will follow up with them.

Would a SIL 3 rated PLC for SIS application automatically compliant to IEC 61508?

Yes, a SIL 3 rated PLC would be compliant. As we discussed in the webinar, most companies are already compliant with the IEC 61511 standard.

Do you have other questions about how to determine if your existing projects meet IEC compliance? Feel free to bnou%60bur%21tr%21gns%21lnsd%21hognsl%60uhno