Economic Programs


Part of what makes a community healthy is its economic stability, and the continual development of new economic opportunities along with the next generation of community members. Autopro is proud to be a position to be able to contribute to that on-going growth  through our economic programs.

Our Priorities

  • Investing in tomorrow’s workforce
  • Investing in our industry
  • Providing opportunity to youth in remote locations

Economic Programs include:

  • Education Partnerships - Our scholarship program provides financial support to students pursuing studies in careers related to engineering, automation and instrumentation. We also support educational programs in schools that focus on developing skills related to science and technology.
  • Mentorship - Students and junior level employees are actively mentored and trained by more experienced professionals, enabling them to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to take them to the next level in their career.
  • Employment - Autopro regularly employs co-op students, providing a significant contribution to their education and career objectives.

Some of the initiatives and organizations we have supported include: