Health, Safety & Environmental Programs


Autopro is proactive in many areas of health, safety and environmental improvement initiatives. We actively encourage our people to identify areas of improvement that can be implemented across all of our branch locations to increase our overall positive impact.

Our Priorities

  • Promoting quality, efficiency and safety in all projects and business practices
  • Measuring the environmental impact our work has on our customer
  • Promoting wellness and healthy living

Environmental, Health & Safety Programs include:

  • Safety -  Autopro is committed to a safety program that ensures a safe work environment for its staff. Read more about our safety program.
  • Office recycling - Paper is recycled at all of our office locations, reducing the amount of paper materials going to the landfill by 7.5 tonnes per year. Soft and hard plastics, batteries, cardboard, cans and electronics are also recycled on a regular basis.
  • Telecommmuting - Autopro has invested significantly in telecommuting infrastructure to allow work to be executed away from the office. This has reduced commuting by private vehicle by 175,000 km providing fuel savings and reducing Autopro’s carbon footprint by 115 tonnes over the past ten years.
  • Client Automation Projects - Autopro has been engaged by a wide range of clients across multiple industry segments to supply our knowledge in the development of process control strategies focused on improving energy efficiencies and reducing, capturing, and recording industrial waste emissions.
  • Wellness - To promote healthy workplaces and communities, Autopro established a “Wellness Week” that spans the entire organization for the first week of every month. During this week we discuss a health & wellness topic in each of our branch safety meetings, fruit baskets are delivered to the offices to promote healthy eating, and occasionally a speaker is brought in to discuss a specialized area of health, disease awareness and prevention, and other wellness topics.

Some of the initiatives and organizations we have supported include: