Project Profiles

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TCPL Dewpoint Analyzer

The client asked Autopro to complete the engineering and instrumentation (E&I) scope for the installation of a new ZEGAZ Dewpoint Duo unit to monitor a gas stream to the TransCanada Pipeline (TCPL) as part of the TCPL Dewpoint Analyzer project.Details

Powerhouse Electrical Upgrade – Preliminary Engineering

The client engaged Autopro to provide a study and detailed estimate of replacing the existing main transformer and switchgear.Details

New Flare

To manage the emergency blowdown demands required for expansion of the process and addition of new process units at their facility, the client had installed a new, larger flare system. The new flare system includes a new Flare KO drum and flare stack.

The client has engaged Autopro as the MAC on this project due to our expertise and SME knowledge of their facility and its processes.

CCTV System for Greenfield Gas Plant Project

As part of a larger scope for a greenfield gas plant construction project, Autopro was responsible for the design, engineering and installation of a high performance Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system. Details

Caustic Evaporation System Modernization

Caustic modernization project enabling the decommissioning and eventual removal of existing evaporation equipment. Details

Alarm Management Concepts and Outcomes

Provided training on alarm management best-practices to key stakeholders.  Details

Alarm Management Consulting

Alarm management consulting and recommendations.  Details

Alarm Management Philosophy and Audit

Enterprise-level alarm philosophy development for an intermediate diversified oil and gas producer.  Details

LOPA, SRS and SIL Verification

Proof test procedures, HAZOP and risk analysis for a new plant inlet. Details

Sour Gas Plant Debutanizer Reboiler BMS Upgrade

Designed and managed the upgrade of a Burner Management System at a sour gas processing plant. Details

ESD / Standby Power Systems Audit

Audit and redesign of emergency shutdown systems and related standby power systems. Details

Fibre Optic Network Infrastructure

Complete fibre infrastructure design; process control network development and setup, complete with firewalls, backup, and recovery to connect with business LAN; third-party integration of all vendors and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors.  Details

Greenfield Gas Plant and Pipeline

Managed the evaluation, selection and implementation of a control system for a new sour gas plant and two pipelines. Details

Thermo-Mechanical Bleaching Controls Migration

TMP bleaching controls migration project. Details

Controls System Upgrade

Selection, set-up, testing and commissioning of new HMI workstations. Details

Plant Modernization

Thermo-mechanical pulp mill refiner line upgrade. Details

DCS Controls System Expansion

Control system electrical design and programming. Details

PAMS Evaluation

Plant Asset Management system evaluation and recommendation. Details

Natural Gas Liquids Extraction Facility Plant Modernization

NGL extraction facility plant modernization. Details

NGL Extraction Plant DCS Support

Honeywell Experion DCS Support. Details

Gas Processing Plant Modernization

Preferred auutomation systems consultant for a gas processing plant modernization. Details

Sour Gas Processing Plant DCS Upgrade

Control system lifecycle study and DCS migration in a sour gas processing plant. Details

DCS and PLC Support

Engineering services for PLC control systems. Details

Enhanced Oil Recovery Rollout

Software design, implementation, testing and commissioning and start-up support. Details

Plant Alarm Rationalization

Alarm rationalization in selected plants.Details

SAGD Facility Alarm Rationalization

Alarm rationalization services in a greenfield SAGD facility. Details

SAGD Alarm Management

Full scope of Alarm Management services at an oil sands drilling facility. Details

Alarm Rationalization

Alarm rationalization for an oil sands facility expansion project. Details

Instrument Air Dryer Automation

Instrument air dryer control system modernization. Details

Petrochemical Alliance Program

Instrumentation, Electrical and Controls (ICE) engineering throughout the client’s asset as part of a portfolio of projects ranging from small unit improvements to multi-million dollar capital projects. Details

Gland Water Conversion Project

Engineering design, implementation, configuration, and commissioning services.

Extraction Plant Modernization

PLC-5 migration at a deep cut extraction facility. Details

Plant BMS Upgrade Study

Burner Management System upgrade study to comply with CSA B149.3-10. Details

Exchanger Reliability Upgrades

SAGD facility on-site technical support. Details

Mobile Mining Facility Control System

PLC software design and implementation as well as server database and graphics development. Details

GPS Clock Requirements

GPS time synchronization system regulatory scope, installation and commissioning. Details

Greenfield Heavy Oil Tailings Pond Operation with Mature Fine Tailings (MFT) Drying Plants

Complete scope of engineering services for the construction of MFT drying plants. Details

On-Site DCS Administration and Support

Automation site support services at a steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) facility. Details

Transfer Station HMI Conversion

Conversion of existing process window HMIs to new operator interface. Details

Condensate Drip Trap Installation

Installation of Condensate Drip Traps on Six Digester Gas Circulation Compressors. Details

Highway Plant / Flow Splitter Control System Integration

Control System Programming and System Integration. Details

Canola Plant HMI & PLC System Upgrade

Upgraded HMI and PLC systems at a canola plant, including project management, commissioning and training.Details

NGL Liquids Extraction Plant Control System Study

Study, RFP, and evaluation leading to control systems vendor selection. Details

DCS Upgrade

Online migration of DCS at a large natural gas plant. Details

Green Transformation Project

Project management and engineering services for new steam turbine generator control systems. Details

Green Power Cogeneration Station

Software implementation, steam header controls engineering, process control system commissioning, and automation system startup support. Details

DCS for New Disposal Water Injection Wells

DCS upgrade on two water disposal wells. Details

Unit Train Automation

Rail loading terminal control system and communication network design and implementation. Details

DCS Configuration

DCS configuration, graphics, and commissioning services. Details

Compressor PLC-5 Migration

Upgrading existing PLC-5 system and installing new HMI. Details

Control System Modernization

Control system migration and replacement of network infrastructure, operations stations, and field termination assemblies. Details

Lime Kiln Dust Control System

Electrical and controls engineering for the installation of a new dust control system. Details

Overhead Compressor Installations

PLC/HMI Programming and Configuration. Details

New Observation Wells

Enabling communications and configuring database and OPC systems. Details

Causticizer Pumps Double Block and Bleed

Electrical, instrumentation and controls design for a piping re-arrangement and isolation enhancement project. Details