Alarm Management Concepts and Outcomes

  • Pulp & paper
  • Alarm Management
  • Alarm Management

The Challenge

The client, a modernized single-line NBSK pulp mill, recognised their need to improve alarm system performance to reduce unplanned downtime and improve production efficiencies. They wanted help understanding high-level concepts and establishing desired outcomes of the initiative with key stakeholders in the mill.

Autopro's Role

Autopro provided high-level training on:

  • Alarm management concepts
  • Alarm management lifecycle
  • Potential business improvement gains from applying alarm management practices

Autopro facilitated a discussion with key stakeholders on potential next-steps for the mill to undertake, and outlined an action plan for initiating an alarm management program.

Success Criteria

Client resolved to begin an alarm management program. They subsequently designated multiple alarm management champions and assigned them to attend in-depth alarm management training.

Project Metrics

Project Completion Date