Alarm Management Philosophy and Audit

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The Challenge

The client, an intermediate diversified oil & gas producer, recognised the business need within their Canadian Operations for an alarm management program to mitigate the process and personnel safety risks associated with an unmanaged process control alarm system.

Autopro's Role

Autopro developed the enterprise-level alarm philosophy with input from corporate alarm management champion and various site-based stakeholders. An alarm philosophy is critical to the success of an alarm management program. The alarm philosophy establishes the basic definitions, principles, and processes to design, implement, and maintain an alarm system.
Autopro’s responsibilities included:

  • Developing the alarm philosophy based on recognised best-practices contained in the ANSI/ISA-18.2 standard.
  • Supporting installation of alarm management software for alarm performance monitoring and assessment.
  • Reviewing alarm rationalization planning and facilitating the process internally.
  • Providing guidance to ensure a successful implementation of the new rationalized alarm design.

Success Criteria

The alarm philosophy was subsequently adopted as the primary guidance document for alarm rationalization and implementation at the client’s flagship gas plant in Western Canada. 

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