Autopro is committed to a safety program that ensures a safe work environment for its staff.

Our staff is required to abide by all company and client safety policies and procedures and by relevant legislation as it applies to the work that they do. The objective of Autopro's safety program is to create an injury- and accident-free workplace that protects our staff, our customers, and their assets. The success of our program and culture is proven out by the fact that Autopro has not recorded a single lost time accident since our founding in 1990.

There are organizations where the skills and attitudes of management towards safety have little in common with the workers. This is not the case at Autopro. Our principals and supervisors started their careers performing the same tasks carried out by our staff in the field today. As managers, we understand the risks our people face because we have been there, and we remain diligent to continually identify and mitigate them. No manager would ask a worker to perform a task that they were not personally willing to tackle. This is why we have been able to work hundreds of thousands of hours on thousands of industrial projects without a single lost-time accident.

While we take every reasonable step to protect our staff, this is not our only safety obligation. We are in the business of designing and implementing process control systems for major industrial facilities. As such, we make a commitment to the protection of society through the integrity of our work. We successfully meet this obligation by working in accordance with proven procedures, analyzing and mitigating risks, employing rigorous QA/QC measures, and employing only well-qualified and experienced staff for critical activities.

Autopro maintains current and compliant memberships with the following safety organizations: