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Proof Test Procedure Effectiveness on Safety Instrumented Systems

Proof tests are done periodically based on Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) design criteria and past experiences, to maintain Safety Integrity Level (SIL) ratings. Failure to perform an effective proof test may result in equipment damage, create an environmental hazard, or put personnel at risk. Requirements of proof tests are specified in IEC 61511; however,  requirements can be interpreted differently. This paper will:

  • Identify methods to calculate % proof test coverage and its importance in average Probability of Failure on Demand (PFDavg) calculations
  • Review guiding principles upon which proof tests of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) should be developed
  • Highlight examples of good and poor practices

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Functional Security in a Process Environment

In an ideal industrial production security scenario, the Process Control Network (PCN),  Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) would not need to  communicate with external devices, networks or the internet. Air-gaps could be created which  would provide excellent security. With air-gaps between the networks costs would be mitigated  for connectivity and security solutions. However, in the real world patch management and  monitoring of the networks as well as data sharing with external systems is fast becoming a  business necessity. This paper will provide some generic guidelines not just for securing the  connectivity between the PCN, DCS and SIS networks to external sources but for a full  functional secure environment for all assets.

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