Our technical and process knowledge, combined with our documented processes and procedures, deliver practical, cost-effective solutions that span across all industry segments.

Oil & Gas 

Services provided to the hydrocarbon production, processing, storage, and transportation industries account for a significant portion of Autopro's projects each year. Conventional oil and gas production, including tight gas, and processing has been a foundational part of our business since the company's inception.  Details

Oil Sands & Heavy Oil

Autopro's extensive heavy oil and oil sands experience spans across Alberta, including Peace River, Fort McMurray, Conklin, Cold Lake, and Lloydminster. Our oil sands-specific experience includes mining, extraction, upgrading, and tailings remediation areas.  Details

Refining & Petrochemical

Refining and petrochemical manufacturing typically involves complex processes, hazardous materials, high product volumes, significant quality requirements, and tight margins.   Autopro's business was founded within the environment of multi-vendor, complex automation systems controlling large industrial production facilities.  Details


Autopro's experience in the liquids and gas transportation and storage segment enables us to provide our hydrocarbon-focused customers with a single source of industrial automation capabilities to meet their specific needs.  Details

Pulp & Paper

Autopro has served the pulp and paper industry since our inception. Many of our senior technical and management staff have extensive pulp and paper experience, including facility operations and maintenance, as well as project execution. We understand the complex processes involved in the various forms of chemical and mechanical pulping and papermaking. This knowledge enables us to focus on process performance and optimization. Details

Electrical Utilities & Cogeneration

Autopro has considerable experience in the utility power and cogeneration industries. Our experience includes electrical design and automation project and support services related to generation, transmission, and distribution.

Mining & Mineral Processing

With our project experience in both open pit and subsurface mining and our strong contingent of engineers who have worked in the industry, we have extensive experience in operations, management systems, control systems, and electrical systems, as well as project execution.  Details

Water / Wastewater Utilities

Autopro has provided automation services to the water and wastewater industry for over a decade and has gained substantial industry-specific experience over this time. Our experience includes both large, urban water and wastewater processing plants and small, municipal and private water production and distribution facilities.  Details

Agriculture, Food & Beverage

Autopro understands the challenges facing our agriculture, food, and beverage clients (e.g., reliability, safety, quality, and regulatory control). Our ability to draw on lessons learned from a broad array of clients provides Autopro with the opportunity to bring innovative solutions to our agriculture, food, and beverage clients. Our solutions for this industry run the full scope of a facility’s lifecycle.  Details


Complex processes involving potentially hazardous materials are an inherent part of chemical plants. Safety considerations and regulatory requirements demand tight automation control strategies and a high level of process design expertise. Autopro delivers this expertise.  Details