Electrical Utilities & Cogeneration


Autopro has considerable experience in the utility power and cogeneration industries. Our experience includes electrical design and automation project and support services related to generation, transmission, and distribution.

 Utility projects that Autopro has been involved with include:

  • protection, control, and monitoring
  • capacitor and substation control upgrades
  • load shedding control strategies
  • dam spill gate control

Autopro has significant cogeneration experience that spans multiple industrial sectors, including pulp, heavy oil, and gas processing.

Our experience includes the challenging and complex task of integrating thermal steam and power systems with industrial facilities.

Our specialized design and implementation strategies for complex systems, such as steam header pressure and waste fuel boiler furnace controls, results in stable production and optimized power generation. Our process knowledge and multi-vendor integration experience enables Autopro to seamlessly integrate cogeneration unit and plant systems in a manner that optimizes overall operations. Our experience also extends to water treatment, cooling towers, heat recovery, and other ancillary processes common to most steam and power facilities.