SAIT Awards Annual Autopro Automation Award to Deserving Student

Each year Autopro partners with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) to offer the Autopro Automation Award to an exemplary student in the Instrumentation Engineering Technology program.

SAIT shared with Autopro the wonderful message provided from the recipient, which truly highlights the importance of fostering the careers of new engineering professionals.

Below is an excerpt from the thank you note :

"Thank you so much for selecting me to receive this award. When I first came to Canada, I was hopeful that I would receive an education that would surpass the opportunities available in my native country of Nigeria. I am newly married and a father to a young toddler, with a newborn on the way, so the financial pressures of supporting my family have meant many sacrifices. Despite any struggles, my wife and I decided I needed to pursue this degree so that I am able to offer my family a better future than I was provided.

Autopro Automation's generosity has allowed me to focus on my studies and pay the bills necessary to living in today's challenging economic environment, and has helped us breathe a little easier in my last semester of schooling. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pursue my dreams of becoming an instrumentation engineer, and supporting my young family. This has made a difference in our daily lives and has given my an advantage I needed to start my career. Thank you for your kindness."