Autopro's Sam Kozma featured as guest lecture at Alberta Health and Safety Conference

Autopro SIS Specialist Sam Kozma presented to a full house in late February at the Alberta Health and Safety Conference, hosted in Edmonton AB.

The annual conference is a wealth of knowledge on the latest in health and safety innovation with high profile keynote and session speakers, and a diverse choice of session topics from broad-based to industry specific. The conference focuses on working together in occupational health and safety and provides current information relevant to any industry.

Mr. Kozma's presentation honed in on automation in the workplace, and the industrial processes that are now largely used as a form of engineering control. The controls use computers and control systems dedicated solely to the task at hand. These systems can provide increased productivity and quality assurance with continuous monitoring for pre-determined safety hazards by removing the routine tasks that often lead to complacency (a contributor to workplace incidents).  For example, two hand controls can be installed, requiring the operator is out of harm’s way before starting a machine. Instrumentation and computers monitor a process for process deviations so that pre-determined responses can be taken to partially or completely shutdown equipment such as a boiler or furnace.

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