NAIT Awards Autopro Automation Bursary to Deserving Student

At Autopro, we understand the social responsibility of working closely with post-secondary institutions on an annual basis to recognize the achievement of hard-working students in the automation, instrumentation, engineering and technology fields.

Autopro’s Marketing team received word from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) that a recipient had been selected for the 2018-2019 academic year, and we are pleased to announce that Kaiming Fang will be receiving the bursary.

Kaiming was selected due to his exemplary community involvement through volunteering, maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA in the first year of study and showing an ongoing dedication to the Instrumentation Engineering Technology program.

Below is an excerpt from the thank-you letter we received :

“I would like to sincerely thank you for the support that you have provided for me through the Autopro Automation Consultants Ltd. bursary award in the 2018-2019 academic year at NAIT.

Becoming an Instrumentation Engineer has always been my dream career path. I have no doubt in my mind that this financial assistance has made it easier to focus more fully on my studies and has put me on a path to greatness.

Thank you for helping me attain one of my greatest dreams. You have inspired me in so many ways and I thank you for giving something back to the community is through scholarship.”