Autopro Supports Fort McMurray Client SWAT Project

At Autopro, we believe in facilitating and fostering on-going working relationships with our local clientele. Recently while executing a project for one of our large oil sands clients, we utilized our Fort McMurray office and local in-house expertise to host a software acceptance test.

The Athabasca Conference Room was utilized to configure and test the equipment that will later be installed at the client's site. The system included two Compactlogix PLCs with local HMIs communicating together through 900MHz Ethernet Radios, as well as two remote HMIs connected to the wireless network.

The test simulated the expected functionality of the two main sites as well as the interface from the remote HMIs. The client was able to review the graphics, control strategies, and system operability in the comfort of the office environment. With this test completed, the site commissioning and startup will now be focused on field devices and installation with full confidence that the controls will function as per the design specifications.

The offsite acceptance test is a very important step in achieving successful commissioning and start-up.  Autopro and the client were able to evaluate the test results in real-time, and any deficiencies were documented with the client sign-off at the end of the day.

Some of the client feedback we received after the exercise was completed included "that was the most efficient SWAT I have participated in, and the facility aided in a structured and well executed SWAT".
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