Modernizing for Success - Migrating to the Data-Driven New World (Free one-day educational event)

Event Description

As industrial facilities age, their legacy systems become less reliable and even obsolete, leading to significant safety and production reliability risks. These risks can increase exponentially over time as problems compound, resulting in more frequent incidents of increasing severity. All of these issues drive the necessity for a facility modernization before a significant incident occurs.

A Full Day of Education

This free, full day educational session, jointly hosted and presented by Autopro Automation, Rockwell Automation, Summit Valve and Controls, and The Mera Group, will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of both the challenges and the opportunities that come with facility modernizations.

Professional Development Credit

This event qualifies for APEGS professional development credit. Attendees will each receive a Certificate of Completion for their professional development records.

Who Should Attend

Anyone with a stake in modernizing the facility, from Plant Operators to Supervisors to Senior Management, will benefit from this session.

Continental breakfast and lunch will be served. Everyone is invited to join us after the event for cocktails, snacks and networking.

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With the challenge of modernization comes the opportunity to evaluate and redesign systems and processes, taking advantage of new functionality and capabilities while integrating modern IIoT connected technologies into existing facilities. Integrating upgraded systems into operational facilities also comes with its own set of challenges that must be properly planned for and managed, in order to successfully complete the modernization.

As well, tapping into the IIoT means companies also now have a wealth of operational data at their fingertips, sometimes to an overwhelming degree, but that data is crucial to the decision-making process. Knowing what data to collect and how to use it to identify emerging issues can help reduce operating costs and improve production within your facility.

What will you learn?

Some of the questions that will be answered throughout the course of the day include:

  • What is the typical instrumentation in an industrial facility? What is its function and how is it all interconnected? What are the considerations when planning a modernization project?
  • What is the history of control and process systems? What are some of the limitations of legacy control systems and what new functionality is available in modern systems? How do you future proof your facility operations?
  • What are the benefits of conducting a system audit prior to starting a modernization project? How do you identify and engage the key project team members? How do you plan modernization project execution phases for maximum efficiency?
  • How can IT and control systems be leveraged to improve performance? How can data be used to identify an emerging issue? How can data be used to drive decision making within the organization?


Charlie Johnson
Director, Industrial Automation Products
Summit Valve and Controls

Spencer Brason
Solutions Architect
Rockwell Automation

Scott Cadger
Business Development Manager
Autopro Automation Consultants

Heather Quale
Mera Group of Companies