AssetCare for Control Systems

Gain deeper insights into the overall health of your control system. Proactively manage system maintenance and maximize uptime.

The control system is a critical component in any industrial process facility, and any downtime can be extremely costly. However, maintaining the overall health of the control system is time consuming, and often takes a back seat to ensuring the process itself is running efficiently and maximum production volumes are achieved. As a result, regular maintenance tasks can slip through the cracks, and there may be little to no advance warning if the control system is at risk.

Real-time Control System Monitoring

AssetCare for Oil and Gas is a contracted service offering that combines real-time monitoring with scheduled predictive and preventative maintenance services and on-call emergency support.

It provides you with confidence that your control system is always operating at maximum efficiency and reliability, and peace of mind knowing that experts are managing routine maintenance and are available to respond to and resolve urgent issues.

AssetCare reduces the burden on plant managers charged with ensuring their control systems are maintained to industry and OEM standards, and provides consistency and predictability for annual control system maintenance costs. 

 Autopro Client Support Services

Reduced Plant Management Burden

Managers no longer need to plan and schedule regular maintenance activities or issue repetitive purchase orders for on-site work. Everything is taken care of under a single maintenance contract.

Maintenance Cost Predictability

Annual maintenance costs are much more predictable and consistent, as the annual contract includes allowances for all the necessary work to maintain the system over the course of the year.

System Performance Visibility

System health dashboards and reports provide real-time system health KPIs, which help identify potential weaknesses and allow them to be resolved before they impact production.

System Alarm and Failure Response

Responsive remote and on-site technical support is provided by knowledgeable and professional service technicians familiar with the facility, and backed by Autopro’s team of over 180 engineering staff.

Improved Process Productivity & Efficiency

Operational reliability, efficiency and productivity will be improved through the application of recognized industry best practices. On-site support services can also be complimented with full cycle project execution capabilities on request.