Autopro is an organization made up of highly skilled, technical resources with a desire to leverage technology to create added value for our clients.

Over the past twenty years of designing, integrating, and supporting industrial automation and data management systems, Autopro team members have identified several opportunities to provide high-value, technical solutions. These innovative solutions either didn't exist as off-the-shelf products, or were too expensive or complex to meet our clients' needs. Our culture of understanding and innovation has subsequently resulted in the development of several engineering productivity tools, software solutions, and proven methodologies to address these unmet needs.

These "engineered solutions" enhance Autopro's total Industrial Automation system lifecycle services offering and add value through the course of project development and on-going operations and asset support.


Autopro's custom-developed controls check out solution, called CheckMate, can be used as a controls check out (pre-commissioning) tool, and as a quality assurance tool, providing clear visibility into our clients' processes and their readiness for commissioning.  Details

Electronic Data Submission Systems

Electronic Data Submission System (eDSS) is a secure, easy-to-use, and configurable software application for submitting environmental data over the Internet. Developed by Autopro's experienced team of environmental system personnel, it meets government guidelines for the mandatory electronic reporting of continuous emissions monitoring and potable water data. It is also expandable to meet future ambient air and effluent reporting requirements. Details

Alarm Management

Autopro provides a suite of alarm management services that encompasses the entire alarm system lifecycle and supports our clients to ensure they have a sound alarm management philosophy and that alarms are properly designed, maintained, and appropriately audited.  Details

Terminal Management

Autopro offers fully engineered Terminal Management Solutions that are completely integrated into your existing processes and systems ensuring accurate measurement, reliable loading, and seamless data flow back to corporate ERP systems.  Details